With 2M+ aggregated views, 3000+ subscriptions, 200+ interviews & live performances, LA STEREO TV was first developed as a blog & youtube channel covering the burgeoning LA  hip hop scene (2009- 2016) featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jhene Aiko, Future, Schoolboy Q, Issa Rae.
Producer/ Director: Marguerite de Bourgoing
Interview with Issa Rae, 6 years before her HBO show "Insecure" - 
Issa Rae  the creator of Awkward Black Girl (ABG), talks about growing as a filmmaker with the help of the web, the future of the series Awkward Black Girl and her positive outlook on life.

Early (and rare) interview with Hip-Hop superstar Future. 2012
 Future sits down with LA Stereo after his first big appearance on the West Coast to talk about writing "Same Damn Time", his 8-9 year career as an artist, his connection with the Dungeon Family, "Tony Montana", being in his own lane and the steps to take as a 15 year-old, in life.
Kendrick Lamar's first show ever as Kendrick Lamar, filmed at The Roxy in 2010.
Bitch i Do This LIVE - Kendrick Lamar Ft. Thurzday & Y-O (U-N-I), Skeme, Jay Rock.

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