Paris-raised and now Los Angeles-based, Marguerite de Bourgoing is a filmmaker and a keen photographer with a diverse background in media production and cultural exploration. She holds a Master's degree in Communication and Film Studies from USC and has studied at Oxford University and the Sorbonne, gaining a foundation in philosophy, art history, and cinema.
Marguerite founded LA Stereo TV, producing 200+ videos exploring the Los Angeles Hip-Hop music scene, featuring interviews with celebrities like Issa Rae and Wiz Khalifa. Her directorial debut, "The World is Yours," aired on France Télévision in 2014, delving into the blog rapper scene. She continued to explore music, technology, and society with documentaries such as "IT'S YOURS" and "HIP-HOP & INTERNET" for ARTE. In 2023, she created, wrote  & produced "Hip-Hop & the Metaverse" for PBS's Digital Voices, winning a 74th Golden Mike Award.
Her work reflects a global perspective and a commitment to exploring contemporary cultural trends, earning her recognition in international film circles. Marguerite's varied experiences, including roles with the Cinémathèque française, photographer Marc Riboud and Discovery Channel, contribute to her unique filmmaking perspective.

Filming Curren$y in 2010 in Pomona   photo by Kasey Stokes

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